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Guy Baudin

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

Guy Baudin is from a family of winegrowers who has been practicing the profession since 1685. He is a passionate, humble winemaker who has always endeavored to raise his vines and his wine with respect for nature. The winery extends all around the hamlet of Loges, a classified winegrower village, in Niévre and of the 12 ha of vines , 11 are devoted to the production of Pouilly-Fumé, and one hectare to the production of Pouilly sur Loire. The estate is now run by son Lilian Baudin, who continues his fathers work in making elegant, aromatic wines of great quality. 

What makes your wines different from other Pouilly-Fumé wines?

The main differences are the winemaking techniques used. I do not use any commercial yeast unlike the vast majority of other winegrowers in the appellation. Therefore, my wines have more personality and richness, we are able to obtain more aromatic complexity, for example. Also, we are one of the few producers that harvest by hand and does not apply any pesticides or insecticide, another factor that also affects the quality of the grapes produced.

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