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Chateau Haut Bages

Château Haut-Bages Libéral, Grand Cru Classé 1855, was founded in the early 18th century, the Liberal family governed the estate. Over time, they bring together the best Pauillac terroirs. This is how this fifth classified growth in 1855 now has half of its vineyard attached to that of Château Latour and against the Gironde, and the other half behind Château Pichon-Longueville.

Today managed by Claire Villars-Lurton. The property was completely renovated in 2017 and working with organic farming and biodynamics.

The name of the Haut-Bages Liberal castle has two origins. The first is geographical: half of the property's vineyard is located on the heights of the locality "Bages", a large plateau south of Pauillac, overlooking the Gironde estuary and whose soil is composed of deep gravel and gravel. limestone marls. The second is patronymic: it is the first known owners, the Liberals, who added their name to the topographical designation.