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Quinta do Homem

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

Quintas do Homem is a charming family business run by Nuno and his father Antonio. The estate is spread over two vineyards: Quinta da Veiga, where the winery is located, and Quinta do Paço. Covering an area of 10 and 12 hectares, the two vineyards are mainly planted with local white grape varieties such as Loureiro, Arinto, Albarino and Fernao Pires.

They are committed to the policy of “integrated agriculture” meaning that they farm as naturally as possible, trying to increase biodiversity, establishing a balanced environment in the vineyards where the vines do not depend on artificial fertilisers but exist in perfect partnership with the soil.

Ana Coutinho is the winemaker who continually identifies parcels within the estate that can give her the precise varietal character that she wants leading to ever more defined wines. She started making wine in 2001 (but her first harvest was in 1998) and she delights in the challenge and creativity of winemaking.

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