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Michel Couvreur

In the 1950’s Michel Couvreur, originally from Belgium, began making wine in Burgundy. As a frequent traveller to Scotland selling wine, he fell in love with the Scottish way of life and its’ incredible whisky.

In 1964, Couvreur left Burgundy and travelled to his new home in Scotland where his attention turned to whisky production – from the selection of the most ancient strains of cereals to sourcing extremely rare sherry oak casks. It became his dream to pursue his passion and make a whisky that was so unique and unlike any other… and that he has certainly done!

In the 70’s Michel returned to France to be nearer the origin of his much-loved sherry casks and began digging his own cellar in the hillside of Bouze-Iès-Beaune in Côte d’Or. Here, about midway between the Andalusian vineyards and the Scottish Highlands, Michel Couvreur matures his whisky that has been distilled in Scotland, in original sherry oak casks to produce an exquisite blend of two cultures that creates one exceptional whisky.

Michel Couvreur produce whiskies which are incredibly flavourful, intense, and soft all at the same time. Each bottle is handcrafted, labelled and sealed with a cork and wax. 

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