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Jameson’s Irish whiskey has a long history which they are indeed very proud of. The famous distillery open in 1980 under the name The Steins Family Bow Street Distillery, it is located on Bow Street in the cities Smithfield area. A Scotsman by the name of John Jameson became General Manager of the Distillery, changing Irish Whiskey forever. By 1805 he took full ownership which he then also expanded. In 1810 the name of the Whiskey was changed too, The John Jameson and Sons Irish Whiskey Company, or Jameson’s Irish whiskey for short.

Jameson quickly grew and became Ireland’s biggest and one of the world’s biggest distillers of whiskey by the 19th century. It wasn’t all good times for the famous Irish distiller though as the 20th century brought some very hard times with it for Jameson’s. After Ireland declared its independence from Britain the distillery began to struggle.

To ensure the name and legacy of Jameson’s lived on the company decided in 1966 to merge with previous rivals the Cork Distillers Company and John Powers to form the Irish distillers Group. In 1976 the New Middleton Distillery was opened which meant sadly the Bow Street Distillery closed its doors for the last time until the exceptional visitor’s center you will visit today opened its doors in 1997. Today Jameson’s is the bestselling Irish whiskey in the world.