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Alexander Gordon, A Londoner of Scottish descent, set about establishing a distillery in 1769 in London’s Southwark – a district famous for its quality water supply.

Amidst the madness and demand for cheap gin, Alexander’s reputation as a pioneer was soon established as he insisted only the finest botanicals would be used in his Old Tom still. Quality gin buoyed in a sea of mayhem and mediocrity; Gordon had begun a global gin revolution. 

Indeed, London loved Gordon’s gin – high in juniper content and trusted for its consistency – but soon, so would the world. With 4 Royal Warrants awarded for its quality, Gordon’s became the unofficial drink of the British Navy who acted as global ambassadors and distributors introducing the world to the G&T.

The perfect recipe, known to only 11 people today and kept a closely guarded secret, this philosophy to gin distillation has survived for over 250 years. In fact, the ‘Old Tom’ still, built during the reign of King George III, continues to be used at the distillery – which has since moved north to Scotland.

Production today continues to follow the groundwork laid by Alexander Gordon, accepting only the finest botanicals to make the world’s ‘ginniest gin’. The strong juniper profile is created by Gordon’s nosing over 3000 botanicals per year, rejecting 9 out of 10 in the quest for quality and consistency.

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