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Domaine Pascal Jolivet

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

The Jolivet family have been involved in wine since 1926, when Pascal Jolivet’s grandfather and great-grandfather established Jolivet and Son wine merchant company. More than 60 years later, the Jolivet name finally appeared on the bottle, as the ‘Pascal Jolivet’ brand. Drawing on his experience in champagne facilities, Pascal installed state of the art temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, but still had not acquired a vineyard of his own. Not until 1993 did Pascal begin to purchase his own vineyards.

Pascal has developed a particular style of wine, focusing on biodynamic winemaking, using indigenous yeasts and maturation on lees to produce complex and concentrated wines which enhance the fruit characteristics and elegance. Using very low sulphur levels and slow fermentation, he nourishes and stabilises the wines with the aim of ultimate authenticity. Pascal partnered with the Dauny family in 2016 to produce only organic grapes.

What has been the most important moment in Pascal Jolivet’s history?

1993 was a very important year for Pascal Jolivet, as it was his first acquisition as a vigneron with six hectares in Sancerre of “Le Chêne Marchand”, “Le Grand Chemarin” and “La Plante des Prés”. 

Can you explain the difference between the Sauvage and the Signature Sancerre? 

From the beginning, Pascal trusted in being different and in natural wine making. Our vinification is quite simple with wild yeast and no oak, as we want to keep the original taste of the fruit. Our Signature Sancerre is a combination of the three terroirs (limestone, chalky clay and flint). Our Sancerre Sauvage is the one specific parcel (old vines, limestone), we wanted to push the natural vinification to its maximum (no filtration). It is a wild Sancerre...

“Crafting a wine is a great outlet to become creative, a kind of art that asks us to listen to mother nature to better perceive and understand her messages. Magic happens while grapes are transformed into juice, then into wine and gives back to the terroir its nobility.” Pascal Jolivet

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