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De Martino

Onshore Cellars - ICONIC Producer

The De Martino family moved to Chile from Italy in 1934 in search of the perfect place to make wine, settling in Isla de Maipo just 50km from Santiago in-between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The winery has grown significantly since then and now has 300 organically farmed hectares under vine.

Over the years the family has become a leader of innovation in the Chilean wine industry, focusing on crafting wines from selected terroirs and exploring and discovering the potential of different climates and origins.

“From the beginning of our winery in 1934, we have worked to create wines that represent us as a family. Our philosophy is summarized in creating wines that reflect their origin in the purest way possible, bringing origin and balance together. Over the years, we have explored more than 347 vineyards throughout Chile, thus covering most of the Chilean territory from north to south and from the Andes Mountains to the coast. That is how we have selected the vineyards that best represent our philosophy and which we believe have the highest potential.”De Martino

Now one of the most progressive and exciting names on the Chilean wine scene, the winery is lead by the third generation of the De Martino family, with the fourth generation incorporating their dynamism and vision leading new winery projects.

“They are an old family operation whose current motto is “Reinventing Chile,” and a lot of what they are doing is not “inventing” anything, but rather looking back at reliable old traditions, unearthing old dry-farmed vineyards planted in the past, and producing wines that reflect their origin, without any makeup. De Martino is now one of the leading producers in Chile with a very exciting line of wines.” Luis Gutierrez, The Wine Advocate

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