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The Ultimate Six Pack

The Ultimate Six Pack - Onshore Cellars

This week we’ve brought together 6 of our favourite bargain wines below 20€. So sit back, relax, read on and grab yourself a six pack to stock up.

Petit Chablis ‘Hautérivien’ 2018, Isabelle & Denis Pommier

Organic Unoaked Chardonnay


Right, let’s put this to bed once and for all, Petit Chablis it not ‘lesser Chablis’ or second rate Chablis or even a baby Chablis, it’s simply a fresher, lighter, more delicate wine designed for drinking now. The Petit Chablis appellation is actually 5 times the size of Chablis and the word “petit” only refers to the style of the wine.

Ok, now that’s out of the way let’s get stuck into this gorgeous wine. Organically certified, the grapes for this unoaked Chardonnay are picked from 25 year old vines grown on Hauterivien soil, the source of the wines minerality. We love just how consistent Isabelle & Denis Pommier are in striving for quality and purity in their wines and this Petit Chablis is a prime example.


It has a clean and bright nose of ripe white fruits, crisp lemon and a richness which specific to the terroir. The fresh palate tastes of soft lemon with bright green fruit flavors similar to cox’s apple. I has a nice crisp edge, a clear and distinct line of briny minerality and acidity that unmistakably scream “Chablis”! Enjoy this in the sunshine or as an aperitif. It’s perfectly balanced and certainly not so Petit!


Silga Rueda 2018, Alvarez y Diez

Spanish Verdejo


Rueda is in the Castilla y Leon region in northern Spain, made from the Verdejo grape and they are white wines of real style and character. Often overshadowed by international grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo is slowly gaining traction, growing its loyal fan base and we believe it should be getting even more attention. For us, its versatility and affordability make it a perfect year-round wine and so it comes as no surprise that Rueda Verdejo is now Spain’s most popular white wine.

Founded in 1941, Alvarez y Diez has some of the oldest vines in the D.O. and rely on their strong winemaking principles to make them stand out from the crowd. They believe that the character of their wines should be a combination and expression of the climate, soil, and grape variety. For example, the soil has good aeration and drainage for the rainy seasons, the underground clay holds humidity reserves for the drought years, and the temperature contrasts between day and night create the great sugar/acidity balance.


A clean and crisp wine with a lovely fresh and vibrant nose. It has beautiful green-fruit aromas which combine with floral and citrus overtones. It has a fresh, structured palate with a well-balanced acidity. Bright citrus fruit flavours and delicate melon characteristics lead onto a nice long finish. Excellent as an aperitif and to accompany light starters, also unaged cheese, summer salads and seafood.


#LOU 2018, Château Peyrassol

Côtes de Provence Rosé


This is an everyday drinking, fun and funky wine dedicated to festive consumption. Brought to you by one of the finest Provence rosé producers Commanderie de Peyrassoll, #LOU is the rosé of those who advocate a friendly, trendy and casual lifestyle. Full of freshness and grace, full of fruit. A wine to enjoy for its lightness and simplicity, its charm and southern accent singing.

Yes, it is heavy on branding and certainly #LOU targets trendy young workers and trendsetters but that is not to the detriment of the wine. If you’re looking for a perfectly dry, everyday Provence rosé without the higher price that Chateau de Peyrassol commands, then #LOU rosé is the answer!


A blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah, this Provence rosé is a perfect apéritif. #LOU is a soft, fresh pink colour, and leaves a trail of gooseberry, raspberry and white blossom in its wake. In the mouth, it has intense fruit flavours of gooseberry, fresh strawberry and white fruits, with a hint of delicate spice. Simple, balanced ans beautifully light a seductive combination!


Aix Rosé 2018, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence

Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rosé


The AIX Rosé has become a benchmark in Provence Rosé, enjoyed all over the world in many of the tops hotels and restaurants. Owned and run by the Kurver family (dutch), who purchased the 130-year-old domain and founded the AIX brand back in 2009. Nestled in the rolling Provence hills, North-East of Aix-en-Provence, and is one of the largest domains in the AOP Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence.

This wonderful location has a massive impact on the quality of the final wine. The mineral-rich soils, an ideal elevation, the cool nights, hot days and the regular cooling Mistral winds all come together to create the perfect conditions for growing Grenache, Syrah & Cinsault. Which are then blended to build the rich, spicy notes which keep AIX ahead of the proverbial Provençal pack.


AIX’s hypnotising salmon pink colour gets you ready for a fresh and fragrant bouquet. With vibrant aromas of watermelon, red fruits, tangerine peel and flowers. A fine and light palate is packed with fruitiness as well as great freshness and beautiful acidity. AIX Rosé is an elegant, generous and vibrant premium rosé which is ideal to combine with soft cheese and Chinese cuisine.


Domaine de Mourchon - Côtes du Rhône 2016

Grenache Syrah Blend


In the wonderfully warm climes of the south of France, nestled between the medieval hilltop village of Séguret and Mont Ventoux, you will come across the picturesque vineyards of Domaine de Mourchon.

One of our favourite Côtes du Rhône producers whose reds have more life, more quality and more balance than so many of its more illustrious and expensive neighbours. How many times have you been disappointed by cheap supermarket Châteauneuf-du-papes? It happens so often, yes, they have the name, the appellation reputation but it’s a false economy. We much prefer to find a consistent winemaker who is producing wines which taste above their price point, such as Domaine de Mourchon. 


This Côtes du Rhône is a smooth, supple and spicy red which thankfully is not too big. Sometimes Côtes du Rhône’s can feel like you’re being smacked in the face. But not here, big bright fruits are balanced by a juicy spicy character and a lovely hint of liquorice. Truly an everyday enjoyable wine at an everyday price.


Hey Malbec! 2018, Matias Riccitelli

100% Malbec


The winemaking credentials of this wine are impeccable. Firstly, It’s made by Matias Riccitelli who is the son of renowned winemaker Jorge Riccitelli (Bodegas Norton). Secondly, the grapes are handpicked from is vineyards located in three selected sites within the premium growing region of Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. And thirdly, these sites just happen to be opposite those of Cheval des Andes, the producer of Argentina's most expensive Malbec (selling for eight times this price).

A brand in itself, Malbec is the Argentinian flagship variety. Now world-renowned thanks to its initial popularity in the states before spreading its wings and landing wherever people love super smooth full-bodied reds, and this Hey Malbec! doesn’t disappoint.


A beautifully full-bodied beast of a wine. It’s rich and ripe, smooth and seriously easy to drink, probably too easy. With beautiful aromas of wild dark fruits, violets, vanilla and chocolate in the nose. The complex juicy black fruits flavours are layered with violets and black pepper leading to pleasingly soft and opulent finish. For a food match, look no further than steak, but to be honest this is so easy to drink it doesn’t really need an accompaniment.

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