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Don't Leave Your Message in a Bottle

Don't Leave Your Message in a Bottle - Onshore Cellars

The time has past for us to ignore our impact on this planet.



It’s time to reach the Tipping Point - the point at which a series of small changes or incidents become significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.

We know the limitations of working on board a yacht. We have been there and done it for the last 10 years. So rather than preach about all the changes that could be made, some of which can be unrealistic with owners preferences, we hope to encourage you to start with something small.

Using glass water bottles instead of plastic. (Or better still, water makers and reusable water bottles for all crew and guests)

Onshore Cellars is working with The Ocean Agency to raise awareness of our ocean’s health and wellbeing at this critical time. The Ocean Agency is an organisation focused and passionate about ocean conservation. They aim to build support for conservationists and the critical work they do by raising funds to support their projects.

This year is Year of The Reef and, The Ocean Agency, has been elected by the French Government as the official co-ordinators.

Join us in helping them raise awareness of coral bleaching and the impact of our carbon footprint on the reefs.


How can you help?

For every glass water bottle bought through Onshore Cellars this year we will donate the profits directly to The Ocean Agency. In addition you can donate directly to The Ocean Agency here.

We obviously also encourage you to recycle and re-use where you can. It really doesn’t take much extra time.The plastic bottle footprint in the Superyacht industry is astronomical. More than 43 million bottled litres a year!  We make a living from being at sea so lets in a small way try and maintain its beauty and allure.




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