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YPY Annual Wine Tasting!

YPY Annual Wine Tasting! - Onshore Cellars

Old World vs New World

Feeling thirsty? This is the event not to miss!!

Wine is to be enjoyed and it goes best not only with good food, but good company. 

Come and compare different grapes in a blind tasting and discuss their different tastes depending on where they are grown, Old World (France, Italy, Spain) or New World (NZ, Australia, South Africa, Argentina etc.) 

Rosie Clarkson, DipWSET will explain these different wines and tastes.

Plus a prize to win for the table with the highest number of correct answers!!

Where: Yacht Club de Monaco - Great Hall (on the quay level).
When: Thursday 9th of August 2018
Time: 19:00 to 21:00
Cost: Free for YPY members  /  €20 for non-members

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