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Eden Mill Gin Degustation Party

Eden Mill Gin Degustation Party - Onshore Cellars

Gin Tasting! 

Friday 13th July 2018

18.30 - 20.30

Join Club Vivanova on Friday 13th July at ourwine boutique in Antibes for a degustation of Eden Mill gins. Our event will showcase four Scottish craft gins from the Eden Mill Distillery in St Andrews married with a selection of tonic, ginger ale, fresh fruit and various botanicals. 

Eden Mill Gin Selection
Original Gin . Seabuckthorn (tonic and grapefruit)
Love Gin . Pale Pink Gin (tonic and raspberry)
Hop Gin . Australian Hops (ginger ale and dry chili)
Oak Gin . Aged on Oak Chips (tonic and lemon)


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