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Virtual Chardonnay tasting

Virtual Chardonnay tasting

Thursday, May 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM UTC+01

Join us for a fun Friday night tasting and learning about Chardonnay. Share with your fellow yachties and lets make this the BIGGEST virtual yacht wine tasting!⚓️🍷⚓️

We know some of you are stuck onboard in a lockdown, or can't travel to courses or just simply need a little team building activity.
So we have created a wine pack and set up a tasting session so we can have some wine and learn together!


To participate, order your wine pack online and then tune into the live Facebook or Instagram feed on May the 21st at 18:30 GMT+1

Peter will go through 3 Chardonnays teaching you basics of the grape, how to detect quality in a wine, touching on the style and regions of these wines and some food pairing techniques.


We ship ANYWHERE in Europe, so get your pack today!

And let your yachting friends know so they can taste with you!

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